Eclipse Architectural - Hardware, Track, Sill System & Weathersealing

Eclipse Architectural is a division of the DS Group, which was created as the brand image of of A.K. Draft Seal Ltd. in 2010 to better represent the company's growth and marketing strategy. The DS Group represents our unique divisions: DraftSeal, KrisTrack, Eclipse Architectural & DSD Hardware.The DS Group is committed to carry on A.K. Draft Seal’s commitment to continue developing and manufacturing innovative solutions for the door and window industry.

From Humble Beginnings Founded in 1960 by Anton Kamensek and operated out the basement of the family home, The DraftSeal Company was the realization of Anton’s vision of starting his own weatherstripping installation company. Business increased rapidly and led, not only to a necessary relocation out of the family home, but to Anton’s first major contract as well. In 1964, Draft Seal Co. was contracted to install the interlocking weatherstripping for all 825 windows at the historic Hotel Vancouver and 41 years later, the original weatherstripping is still keeping the cold air out!

Continued Growth Incorporated in 1973 as A.K. Draft Seal Ltd, named after its founder, the company began to manufacture its own window and door weatherstripping products. In 1990 Anton retired, leaving his son Chris Kamensek in charge. Chris had been working with his father since the early 1970s.  In 1991, shortly after Chris purchased the business, Kristrack Manufacturing Ltd., the first division of Draftseal®, was formed. Kristrack manufactures and supplies sliding and bifold door track and pocket door frames with the accompanying hardware and accessories. It was a perfect supplement to the already very successful Draftseal line of products, servicing the same industry and existing customer base.

Keys To Success One of the primary keys to DraftSeal’s success is our dedication to continually looking forward for more product opportunities and ensuring these products meet current market demands. We do this utilizing crucial customer feedback, as well as ensuring all new products complement our existing line.

A New Company Is Born In 2001, Kristrack Manufacturing found and exciting new product that we definitely felt would enhance our existing product line. It was a new generation of hardware systems for exterior folding doors and windows from Centor Architectural out of Australia. The response to this product was so positively overwhelming that barely after the first year, a third division Eclipse Architectural, was formed to market this innovative product. This hardware has been one of the most popular to hit the wood door industry in years. The system is double weather-sealed with a water return sill system designed and manufactured by Eclipse Architectural.

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