Eclipse E2™ System

A typical installation of an eclipse E2™ bifolding door system would be glazed doors opening out onto a balcony or patio. It can be used in place of aluminum, wood or PVC sliding doors.

This system is suitable for folding doors in exterior building applications.

The eclipse E2™ system uses pivots attached to the head and sill, which allow adjustment horizontally and vertically of the whole system. The pivots provide compensation for out-of-square jambs with up to 10mm (3/8”) of adjustment. All screws are fully concealed for external security.

The eclipse E2™ system uses architectural grade aluminum alloy for tracking and stainless steel for hinge pins, carrier pins and carrier bogeys. Hinges are available in aluminum, solid brass and stainless steel (3 finishes).

In a Single Direcction:
Maximum Door Weight: 90 lbs (40 kg)
Maximum Door Width: 36” (914 mm)
Maximum Door Height: 96” (2438 mm)
Door Thickness: 1-3/4” (44.45 mm) when using water return Eclipse E2™ Sill System
Maximum # of Doors: 8 each way