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January 30, 2014: Price increase on selected DraftSeal®, KrisTrack® & Eclipse Architectural® products

Dear Customer,

As you know, our dollar is dropping and wood products have increased 25% over the last six months. Cost of extruded aluminum products have stayed pretty steady over the last year but finishing and anodizing costs have gone up dramatically.

We will send you an updated list of the products that will be affected by the price increase during the first week of March, 2014.

Effective March 1, 2014: Increase on Eclipse Architectural® hardware
Effective April 1, 2014: Increase on selected DraftSeal® and KrisTrack® products.

October 4, 2012: E3/F3 & E2/F2 Screw Improvement

Eclipse Architectural is featured in Hawaii Home + Remodeling Magazine


As a result of market requests for enhancement to the current screws included with the Centor E3/F3 and E2/F2 hardware, Centor is making a change to these screws.

The current stainless steel wood screws for hinge attachment that are found in the E3/F3 and E2/F2 hardware are scheduled to be replaced with a fully threaded quadrex head (phillips and square drive combo) fully threaded stainless steel screw. All colors in the E2/F2 & E3/F3 are included in this change.

This change will be phased in to the current in-stock hardware over the next 45 days. You will soon receive E2/F2 & E3/F3 hardware with packets of both types of screws. By October 1st we expect that all of the E2/F2 & E3/F3 hardware will have just the new screw in the hardware boxes. The performance of the new screws has been tested and they have performed equal to or better than the current screw.

If you have additional questions, please contact your sales representative or contact us toll-free at 1-888-520-9009 or by email at info@thedsgroup.com

September 20, 2012: Eclipse Architectural is featured in Hawaii Home + Remodeling Magazine

Eclipse Architectural is featured in Hawaii Home + Remodeling Magazine


Hawaii Home + Remodeling has been Hawaii's leading home-improvement and remodeling magazine for Island homeowners for three decades. The magazine's mission is to inspire homeowners to create their very own island oasis in their homes, while using local products and services. Hawaii Home + Remodeling is an essential magazine for people who live in the Islands and for those who wish they did.

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